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What is "Nesting" in the Context of a Divorce or Separation?

Almost everyone has heard the term "Nesting", but they usually associate it with preparing a home during pregnancy. In the context of a divorce or separation, Nesting is when the parties agree that the children (and all of their things) will remain at the primary residence. The parents then come to the home and enjoy their respective parenting time there, while the non-custodial parent leaves for that day/week.  As such, the children are impacted as little as possible, since they spend every day and night in their home. 

I Want a Divorce....Now What?

The start of a new year often brings with it reflection, goal setting, and tough decision making. For many people, this includes the decision to begin the divorce process. While coming to this realization is in itself an incredibly hard and emotional event, the rest of the journey is not necessarily any easier. In fact, if not handled well, the coming months (or years) can be some of the most emotional, difficult and traumatic in one's life.  What follows are some steps you can take to make the best of this tough situation. 

Should you be first to the courthouse?

Many potential divorcees may wonder if there are any advantages to being the first to file for divorce. After all, no one wants to be the spouse who is blindsided by a divorce petition. Besides being able to avoid the emotional anguish of being served out of the blue, there are some legal and financial advantages to being the first to the courthouse. This post will identify a few.

Our attorneys can help make your divorce easier

Once you make the decision to get a divorce, you may feel emotionally overwhelmed and concerned about your finances. The process of divorce has a bad reputation for costing former couples thousands of dollars and requiring spouses to battle in court for months.

High asset millennial couples may benefit from signing a prenup

Many Massachusetts couples decide to sign prenuptial agreements before getting married in order to protect their assets in the event of a divorce. Property division is often the most complex part of a divorce and having an agreement in place ahead of time can make things much easier. Even "millennials," who are waiting longer to get married than other generations, are playing it safe when it comes to their finances. Many of these young people have built businesses and purchased properties and want to make sure they will hold on to those things even if their marriages end.

Protect yourself financially during your divorce

The divorce process in Massachusetts can be costly, especially if you and your spouse end up in a long, drawn-out court battle over property division, child custody and alimony issues. Even well-off couples may find themselves facing financial difficulties after getting divorced. However, there are ways to protect your finances and make sure that you have enough to live independently once you and your spouse have officially gone your separate ways.

Filing for divorce in Massachusetts

Getting a divorce can be difficult, particularly if you have a number of assets to divide between you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Having a basic understanding of the divorce process in Massachusetts is essential to make sure your divorce goes as smoothly and quickly as possible.

"Gray" divorce can make retirement more difficult

According to numerous studies, older adults are getting divorced more than ever before. Many older couples find that once their children are grown up and out of the house, they no longer have anything in common. While divorce may seem like the easy answer, it can make your retirement more difficult.


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