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Revisiting parenting time difficulties during Halloween

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2017 | child custody and support |

A few weeks ago, we posted on some of the difficulties that divorced and separated parents may encounter when Halloween comes around. Essentially, disputes may arise when both parents want to take the child trick-or-treating in their respective neighborhoods. With Halloween coming next Tuesday, we thought it prudent to reiterate the messages that can help in resolving disputes.

In many cases, it could be fairly easy to resolve these problems. For instance, parents can compromise and have Saturday afternoon for a Halloween party or event with one parent, while trick-or-treating on Tuesday maybe with the other parent.

Another solution is to agree to alternate the holiday each year, regardless of whose parenting time it falls on. A third option is to have the children get ready in one parent’s home (so that they can take photos and bring them to a few houses) and then have the bulk of trick-or-treating take place with the other parent in his/her neighborhood or selected location.

Like with all other holidays, Halloween can be very important to some families and the priority should be ensuring that the children are not negatively affected. While it may be too late to resolve Halloween parenting time differences this year, the holiday is a good reminder to review the entire parenting plan and think ahead for other potential conflicts. You can then address them with ample time to seek assistance from a judge if necessary.

We hope that our readers do not encounter these issues during Halloween, but if you have questions about how to resolve future parenting time issues, an experienced family law attorney can help.