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October 2017 Archives

Revisiting parenting time difficulties during Halloween

A few weeks ago, we posted on some of the difficulties that divorced and separated parents may encounter when Halloween comes around. Essentially, disputes may arise when both parents want to take the child trick-or-treating in their respective neighborhood. With Halloween coming next Tuesday, we thought it prudent to reiterate the messages that can help in resolving disputes.

How is property divided in a divorce?

Question: My husband and I have separated and are talking about getting the divorce process started. Both of us were older when we were married and already had 401k's and other retirement savings. I also received 10K from my grandmother's estate recently, which I have in a separate bank account. Lastly, we have purchased quite a bit of stocks and bonds over the years--we used my ex's inheritance to purchase many of them, though they are in both our names.

What is considered in relocation cases?

Child custody disputes can be particularly difficult when the prospect of relocation arises. It is fairly common for a parent to want to move to another city to pursue a new job, or simply to start a new life. Indeed, the prospect of this can be emotionally painful for the parent left behind.

Should you be first to the courthouse?

Many potential divorcees may wonder if there are any advantages to being the first to file for divorce. After all, no one wants to be the spouse who is blindsided by a divorce petition. Besides being able to avoid the emotional anguish of being served out of the blue, there are some legal and financial advantages to being the first to the courthouse. This post will identify a few.

Parenting time difficulties at Halloween

With Halloween less than three weeks away, it is important for divorced and separated parents to think about what parenting time will be like on their child’s second favorite night of the year (with Christmas Eve likely being their favorite). Basically, parents who share custody must be on the same page when it comes to parenting time on Halloween.


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