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January 2018 Archives

What is "Nesting" in the Context of a Divorce or Separation?

Almost everyone has heard the term "Nesting", but they usually associate it with preparing a home during pregnancy. In the context of a divorce or separation, Nesting is when the parties agree that the children (and all of their things) will remain at the primary residence. The parents then come to the home and enjoy their respective parenting time there, while the non-custodial parent leaves for that day/week.  As such, the children are impacted as little as possible, since they spend every day and night in their home. 

I Want a Divorce....Now What?

The start of a new year often brings with it reflection, goal setting, and tough decision making. For many people, this includes the decision to begin the divorce process. While coming to this realization is in itself an incredibly hard and emotional event, the rest of the journey is not necessarily any easier. In fact, if not handled well, the coming months (or years) can be some of the most emotional, difficult and traumatic in one's life.  What follows are some steps you can take to make the best of this tough situation. 


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