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What will happen to your property when you divorce?

Divorce affects people. It affects the individuals who engage in the legal process as well as their kids, friends, and extended family members. It imposes heavy burdens on the Massachusetts residents who must put their personal lives on paper and ask a court of law to dissolve the legal binds that tie them to their spouses.

What is a collaborative divorce?

The divorce process that many Massachusetts residents may be familiar with is the one that involves litigation in a family law courtroom. Like other forms of litigation, divorce litigation can become heated, acrimonious, and downright challenging. It places two people who have decided that they do not want to spend their lives legally connected to each other on opposite sides of a cause and forces them to work out and accept outcomes that may not fully address their wants.

Avoid prenup problems that could deem the contract invalid

One of the greatest legal tools any married couple has to protect themselves in case of a divorce is the prenuptial agreement. Many people scoff at the notion of a prenuptial agreement because this contract received a bad reputation many years ago. But today, it is a critical contract that many couples sign before they walk down the aisle.


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