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Focusing On Your Children’s Best Interest

Last updated on October 30, 2023

A child custody dispute can be painful for everyone involved. Sometimes there are very real dilemmas such as when the custodial parent gets a great job offer in another state. At other times, a current custody arrangement may not be working due to logistics or practical matters. At still other times, a child custody dispute can develop if there is a concern about abuse or neglect.

If you are a parent with a child custody dispute, we would like to help you. Leila Wons is a custody rights lawyer and divorce attorney with a significant amount of experience in this area. She helps obtain Guardian ad Litem or Probation Department investigations when necessary and guides our clients going through the investigation.

Work With An Experienced Child Custody Lawyer

One of the areas at which we excel is in being able to develop a parenting plan that focuses on the children’s best interest and with which both parents will be comfortable. Being involved in a child custody dispute does not mean that the dispute and future communications have to end badly. If both parents focus on the children and plan adequately for future conflicts, a messy and difficult situation involving child custody and parenting can end amicably. We have found that most issues revolve around a lack of communication, bad communication or misunderstandings. If those can be cleared, the rest can proceed.

We believe that:

  • A good parenting plan focuses on the children’s best interest
  • Children should have access to both parents, even if that means supervised visits
  • Prompt and thorough investigation is needed if there is a concern about child abuse, neglect or substance abuse
  • Although children do not always know what is best for them, it is important to understand why they feel a certain way, and take those wishes into consideration

Leila Wons is a trained Guardian Ad Litem and has been involved in several Massachusetts family services investigations. These investigations allow professionals appointed by the court to speak to the children, as the children are not allowed to speak in court or have their parents speak for them. An investigation can also include interviews with family friends, family doctor and teachers. The end goal of an investigation is a child custody determination that includes safe visitation and is in the child’s best interest.

At our law office, we make sure that our clients are fully informed about the investigation process prior to its beginning.

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