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What is a collaborative divorce?

The divorce process that many Massachusetts residents may be familiar with is the one that involves litigation in a family law courtroom. Like other forms of litigation, divorce litigation can become heated, acrimonious, and downright challenging. It places two people who have decided that they do not want to spend their lives legally connected to each other on opposite sides of a cause and forces them to work out and accept outcomes that may not fully address their wants.

Even when the parties to a litigated divorce are able to be cordial they are still subject to the rulings and orders of the court before which they appear. In some instances parties to litigated divorce may wish that they had more control over the actual decisions being made about their lives. This is where collaborative divorce fits into the world of family law - it allows parties to a divorce to talk out their negotiations and come to their own resolutions.

Avoid prenup problems that could deem the contract invalid

One of the greatest legal tools any married couple has to protect themselves in case of a divorce is the prenuptial agreement. Many people scoff at the notion of a prenuptial agreement because this contract received a bad reputation many years ago. But today, it is a critical contract that many couples sign before they walk down the aisle.

Prenuptial agreements can address matters such as property division in a divorce so that, should the need arise, the groundwork is already there to expedite this process. Prenups can also protect a family business and your estate plan. There are a bevy of uses for a prenup. But there are also ways that a prenup can be deemed invalid, so avoid some of these prenup pitfalls:

Can You Get Retroactive Modification of a Support Order?

A question that is often asked of our Law Office is whether a party can seek a credit for child support he or she had been ordered to pay, but for a time period during which they had assumed primary custody and financial support of the child or children for whom the support order was established. 

New Family Drug Court

On June 17, 2016, Trial Court Chief Justice Paula Carey, Chief Justice of the Probate and Family Court Angela Ordonez and Commissioner of Probation Edward Dolan attended the official opening ceremony of the Commonwealth's first Family Drug Court. 

Increasing the Length of Marriage for Alimony Purposes when the Parties have Cohabitated or had an Economic Marital Partnership Prior to Marriage

On June 15, 2016, the Supreme Judicial Court issued a decision on Ellen Duff-Kareores v. Christopher Kareores, in which they addressed the issue of calculating the length of a marriage for purposes of alimony under the alimony reform act. 

Should I Ask the Department of Revenue for Help with my Child Support Matter?

Often, parents need help in establishing or enforcing a child support order, which may include establishing paternity. When this is the only assistance that they need, it may be beneficial to contact the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, who have Attorneys available to assist parents with these matters. 


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