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Our attorneys can help make your divorce easier

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2017 | divorce and family law |

Once you make the decision to get a divorce, you may feel emotionally overwhelmed and concerned about your finances. The process of divorce has a bad reputation for costing former couples thousands of dollars and requiring spouses to battle in court for months.

However, it does not have to be this way. At our divorce law firm, we do our best to help clients with every step of the divorce process and to efficiently handle every aspect of our clients’ cases.

Generally, it can be a benefit to encourage divorcing couples to work their issues out outside of court through mediation or collaboration.

If the couple can come to an understanding on all the major issues of their divorce, a separation agreement can be drafted detailing the terms they have agreed to.

This agreement is then filed in family court and the divorcing couple will appear in court to answer a few questions. Once this is done, the judge will sign off on the agreement and the divorce will be finalized.

While out-of-court collaboration is a great option for many couples, at our law firm we understand that this is not a realistic possibility for some couples. If you and your spouse cannot see eye-to-eye on alimony, child custody, property division or other divorce issues, the divorce process can become much more complicated.

When you initiate the divorce, your spouse will receive a summons and the divorce proceedings will begin. At our law firm, we attempt to help clients resolve some of their issues during the pre-trial settlement conference.

If we are unsuccessful, we will prepare to go to trial. At trial the divorcing couple will present evidence and question witnesses to establish the case in front of the judge. Once this occurs, the judge will issue a judgment. Both parties must abide by the terms of this judgment.