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Affirming LGBT Family Law And Domestic Relations Lawyer

Last updated on October 31, 2023

While the process of filing a Complaint for Divorce, Modification, Custody or Contempt is generally the same for all couples, the law has not yet fully adapted to accommodate or understand the needs of the LGBT community. For example, many legal forms are still formatted to apply only to traditional families, and the Massachusetts General Laws have not been amended to specifically address the treatment of children born of same-sex marriage as it pertains to their custody and support. On the other hand, case law has established standards for determining the length of a marriage in situations where the parties were previously unable to wed legally, as well as the rights and obligations of nonbiological parents.

In addition to being familiar with the legal intricacies surrounding same-sex and GLTBQ domestic relations matters, your attorney should be experienced in representing and working with nontraditional families, including parents who have or an in the process of transitioning, as well as families who are in disagreement over what may or may not be appropriate for their trans/questioning child.

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At the Law Office of Leila J. Wons, P.C., we are sensitive to the needs of Gay, Lesbian and nontraditional partners and have assisted many same-sex couples and Transgendered clients. Contact us online or call us at 508-986-9406 to confidently discuss your specific needs with a knowledgeable and compassionate attorney and to learn how we may be able to help.