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Legal Advocacy To Establish A Power Of Attorney And Health Care Proxy

When a family member or close friend becomes unable to make sound decisions about finances, legal matters and health care, loved ones may wish to step forward and offer help and assistance. But without certain legal documents, the rights of spouses, children, siblings and close friends are limited. At the Law Office of Leila J. Wons, P.C., we help family members establish powers of attorney and health care proxies to ensure that their loved ones’ interests are protected. Whether you are planning for the future or need immediate assistance, we are happy to help. Please contact us online today to set up an attorney consultation.


Helping Your Loved One: Your Legal Options

Our law firm can help you draft the following documents:

  • Power of attorney: When one individual is designated as power of attorney over another, he or she has the legal right and responsibility to act on behalf of another individual in financial and legal matters. Family members and nonfamily members can be designated as a power of attorney over an elderly individual or any other individual with specific needs.
  • Health care proxy: A health care proxy is a legal document that states an individual’s wishes in regard to health care, medical care, end-of-life procedures, etc. The agent of a health care proxy is responsible for making decisions only if the individual is unable to make those decisions independently (due to being in a coma, being unconscious, etc.)

Se Habla Español | Contact A Lawyer For Help With Health Care Proxies

If you are thinking of setting up a power of attorney or health care directive, we invite you to call our law office at 508-986-9406. We can answer your questions and identify your legal needs during an initial appointment at our Northborough law office.