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Very Rarely Do Both Parties Strictly Comply With Their Agreements

Most commonly, a parent will fail to make full child support payments or will be denied their scheduled parenting time. Also common are situations where major decisions will be made by one parent without the other party’s knowledge or consent, in violation of the terms of the Separation Agreement or Parenting Plan.When one party violates an order or judgment of the court, relief can be obtained through the filing of a Complaint for Contempt in the Probate and Family Court. This Complaint clearly details what the court ordered the noncompliant party to do, when this party violated the order, and what relief is sought. Both parties are given the opportunity to present sufficient facts to the court and to argue why a party should or should not be found in contempt and ordered to pay the Plaintiff’s legal fees.


Filing A Complaint For Contempt Can Be Difficult On Your Own

Attorney Leila J. Wons has successfully represented and defended against numerous Complaints for Contempt in courts throughout Massachusetts. Prior to filing a Complaint for Contempt, attorney Wons ensures that the terms of a court order are clear and unequivocal and that the alleged violations by the Defendant were deliberate. She reviews evidence of alleged violations and obtains further documentation to present at trial. This enables Ms. Wons to request and receive counsel fees for her client when the Defendant is found to be in violation of a court order, and to recommend suspended sentences when appropriate. When defending against a Complaint for Contempt, Ms. Wons points out ambiguities in the court order, bad faith actions by the Plaintiff, and circumstances which make strict compliance with an agreement impossible.

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