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Understanding ARC Counsel

Through the Worcester County Bar Association, litigants can request the appointment of an attorney for their child through the ARC program (Attorneys Representing Children). This is helpful when the parents have a disagreement relating to the desires of the child, or when they think that a child is being coached or influenced by one of the parties. Oftentimes, the appointment of ARC counsel assists parties in resolving their child custody disputes, as it provides insight from the child directly through a trained attorney who does not have an interest in siding with either parent.

Representing Children In The Worcester Probate And Family Court

The use of ARC counsel is not appropriate in every case. For example, very young children may not be able to express their feelings or desires. In other cases, a child’s wishes may not aligned with what is in that child’s best interest.

Attorney Leila Wons is a trained and experienced ARC attorney, having represented many children in the Worcester Probate and Family Court. If you are involved in litigation, Attorney Wons may be able to assist in resolving the matter through her representation of the involved child or children. If you are one of Leila’s clients, she will be able to advise whether or not having ARC counsel appointed in your case would be helpful.

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