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Solutions Tailored To Your Legal Needs

Last updated on October 30, 2023

There are many ways to contend with disputes and the tough decisions that need to be made to resolve family law matters. Litigation is not the only option, and Attorney Wons offers different solutions for her clients’ various legal needs.

In addition to being a certified Mediator, Attorney Wons is a trained Collaborative Attorney and has significant experience assisting couples and individuals reach fair and equitable agreements with minimal court involvement. Even in situations where the parties are already in litigation, Attorney Wons has assisted them in ending their highly contentious battle in court. This approach is usually a significantly better economic option for parties, and also results in a more amicable relationship.

Resolving Parenting Disputes

In situations where the parties are unable to resolve their parenting disputes, Attorney Wons assists by acting as an attorney for the child or children through the Attorney Representing Children (“ARC”) program, or by serving as a Guardian ad Litem. In almost all cases the involvement of Attorney Wons as ARC counsel or GAL has resulted in the parties reaching a full agreement and ending their contentious court battle.

As a native Spanish speaker, Attorney Wons is able to assist families whose primary language is Spanish. For other primary languages, interpreter services are available.

Learn More At An Appointment

There are many ways to resolve family law matters outside of litigation. Learn more about Attorney Wons and her work as a Mediator, Collaborative Attorney, ARC Counsel and GAL by calling 508-986-9406 or email us to schedule an appointment.