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What to think about before a settlement conference

If you are in the midst of a divorce, or have recently filed a petition for dissolution, chances are that you will be required to take part in a settlement conference. For those unfamiliar with this type of meeting, it is similar to mediation, in that it is an opportunity for the parties to sit down and see if any of them can be resolved.

How to cut costs in a divorce

If you feel like you should not spend more on your divorce than you did with your wedding, you are in good company. Few people really want to spend the money it takes to go through a litigated divorce. Indeed, your emotions may lead you to believe that a divorce has to be a war, but it doesn't have to be that way. After all, if faced with the prospect of saving money so that you can begin your post divorce life financially stable, why not do so?

Mediate your way to a better, more sustainable divorce settlement

Divorce is never easy, but you may be able to find a way to make this process easier and smoother for your family. For Massachusetts couples looking for a better way to walk through the divorce process, mediation may be the right choice. In addition to allowing a couple to keep their divorce out of the courtroom, it offers several other benefits for people who don't want litigation to be their only option.

Collaborative divorce may be your best option

When many people think of divorce, they picture a couple battling in court over everything from the family home to the family pet. Divorce litigation can be a long, grueling process and take an emotional and financial toll on families. However, not every divorce has to be this way. In fact, many Massachusetts couples find a way to end their marriage outside of the courtroom.

What is a collaborative divorce?

The divorce process that many Massachusetts residents may be familiar with is the one that involves litigation in a family law courtroom. Like other forms of litigation, divorce litigation can become heated, acrimonious, and downright challenging. It places two people who have decided that they do not want to spend their lives legally connected to each other on opposite sides of a cause and forces them to work out and accept outcomes that may not fully address their wants.


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