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Massachusetts law regarding children born out of wedlock can be extremely detrimental to fathers. Although children born out of wedlock are afforded the same rights as children of married couples, by law only mothers are automatically granted sole legal and physical custody of their children. Because of this, if a man has not been adjudicated the father of his child (either by voluntary acknowledgement of paternity or by a DNA test) prior to filing a Complaint to Establish Paternity, nothing prevents the child's mother from removing the child from the Commonwealth. Should this happen, the court will be prevented from ordering the mother's return to Massachusetts. Further, because the child has presumably been with its mother since birth, the court is unlikely to order a change in custody and the return of the child to the Commonwealth.

For this reason, it is imperative that expectant fathers immediately contact an attorney to discuss their options. Failure to do so can be detrimental to a father's ability to develop a close relationship with his child.

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For mothers that have children born out of wedlock, they may need representation to defend against previously absent fathers who are just now wanting to get involved in the child's life. Our Northborough, MA Child Custody Lawyer will ensure that the child's best interests - and not the desires of a vindictive party - take the lead in a child support or child custody case.

If an absent parent has failed to pay child support or submit to a DNA test, Attorney Wons will ensure that this parent is tracked down and made to support his or her child. This may mean seizing assets in his/her name, or asking the court to impose jail time until the parent complies with court orders.

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