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This economy has made it very difficult for many people needing legal assistance to afford it. Add in the financial strains of going through a divorce or child custody dispute, and the future can look hopeless.

Westborough Limited Assistance Representation

A good option for individuals or families with more limited means who desperately need legal assistance is Limited Assistance Representation (LAR). Originally started as a pilot program out of Hampden, Suffolk and Norfolk counties, LAR has expanded to all Massachusetts Probate and Family Courts. LAR allows attorneys to assist individuals with their domestic relations matters on a limited basis, without filing a general appearance. In essence, this means that an attorney can help someone draft legal documents, respond to discovery requests, and complete other legal writing. An LAR attorney can also appear in court on a specific matter by filing a Notice of Limited Appearance, with a Withdrawal on the same day.

By using LAR, an individual gains the assistance of counsel as s/he is able to afford it. Further, all agreements with regards to the scope of assistance by the attorney are made in advance and in writing, so there is no confusion as to how much or how little an attorney will do.

Limited Assistance Representation is a great alternative to those needing legal advice and assistance, but who have limited means and cannot retain general counsel. For more information on LAR, contact Attorney Wons for a consultation. Don't go through the legal process alone.

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